Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Anderson Wins WVSSAC art Contest

By: Katie Bailey
  This 2015-16 school year there were contests held that let students enter art for any given sporting event. The winner of the contest sponsored by WVSSAC was senior, Kylie Anderson.
  She learned about the contest from her teacher, Debbie Sisson who encouraged all of her students to partake in.
  Anderson’s art has been shown on front of a magazine in the month of February and if you want to see a copy, Sisson has them available.
  The requirements for the competition had to be on a 9” x 12” inch sheet of paper and had to do with any kind of sport.
  Anderson used, a type of colored pencil named prismacolors on her art piece.
  “I chose to draw something that had to do with cheerleading,” said Anderson. “I thought that it would be the most interesting.”
  The contest prize included a $200 scholarship and her design printed on the cover of a sports program for WVSSAC championship events. The catalogs sold for $5 apiece at the championship events held throughout the state.
  “My picture consists of a megaphone, pom pom, and a cheerleading bow. I drew the items where I thought it looked natural,” she added.

  Congratulations Anderson, on your statewide win!

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