Thursday, March 3, 2016

Band, choir go to All-State competition
By: Anna Sheets
   Members of the Ripley Viking band are going to participate in the all-state practice and performance March11-12, preforming on March 13, along with other students from schools across the state.
   The full all-state band is usually around 110 people, so it is very selective and not many make the cut. This year, out of 14, Ripley High School had only four students that were selected to play in the all-state band: Seniors Alyssa Bumpus, Olivia Poe, Anna Watson, and Junior Ashley Knox. These students will be practicing all day on March 11th and 12th to prepare for the performance March 13.
   The students attending all-state choir are Seniors Jeana Mahan, JJ Mahan, Sophia Brown, Hannah Hamon, and Travis Rauison. These students will be practicing all day on March 10 and 11, and will be preforming on the 12th in Parkersburg. The competition for all-state choir is much more competitive for girls than boys, as there are more girls that try out for the competition, although it is nerve-racking for everyone who tries out. Ripley sent eight students to try out, which is the maximum limit, and only the five mentioned before made it. 
   “After the try-outs, all of us go over to Steak And Shake for burgers and milkshakes as kind of a celebration for all their hard work,” said Hancock. Both band and choir are asked to try out for their respective band or choir teachers, and then the selected students go to try out for a panel of judges, who will be choosing who will be preforming in the large band or choir. 
   “The students that tried out practiced very hard in their free time, at lunch and after school,” says Poole.

   Both competitions are very competitive in different ways, and making the cut for either all-state event is an honor. 

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