Tuesday, March 1, 2016

French National Contest excites French students

By: Calista Boggess
  The French National Contest is a competition to test students on their knowledge of the French language.
  The contest is an exam during school that students will take in February or March; at Ripley High it will be taken March 9. Around twenty-five other schools also participate, and some of these schools are Parkersburg High, Morgantown High, and University High. High schools mostly make up the majority of the contestants, but there are a few middle schools that participate. The contest is nationwide.
  French I and II will take part in the competition, and any French III or IV students that would like to take the exam may. Many students believe this exam will be a challenge, but others are confident with their skills.
  Megan Stowers, a sophomore and French II student said, “It just dependents on what’s on the test, but we have learned a lot this year.”
  The contest is a ranking, so if a student wins the state level, there is a prize. The prize is a plaque, a certificate, and “something you can be proud of and put on a resume for college applications,” said Julie Morris, the French teacher. There are also scholarships winners can receive. Levels students can win on are state and national.
  A majority of students at our school take Spanish, but a reason some take French is to be out of the ordinary.
  Ben Morris, a sophomore and French I student says, “It seems like most people take Spanish, and I wanted to do something different.”
  French is an uncommon language in Ripley, but competitions like this bring more attention to the language and the French culture.

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