Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hi-Y prepares for Model UN
By: Madisyn McCann  
  Model United Nations is a stimulation for schools in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.  Schools from all over West Virginia will be coming together at the Mineral Wells Conference Center March 11 through 13 to have a mock U.N. meeting.  The students from each school will represent countries from all over the world and vote on global issues according to how their country would vote.  To prepare for this event, students have been researching their countries and problems within their countries to present at the meeting.   At the conference, students are required to wear Western or international standard business attire.
  Ripley Hi-Y members, led by Kristin DeWees, will be representing Pakistan, Lebanon, and Argentina.  The organizers send the country assignments to the delegator, then they distribute them to their team.  The members include sophomores Jamie Crawford, Hunter Burdette, Bethany Johnson, Tate Riley, and Easton Perry.  Burdette and Crawford are representing Pakistan and are presenting a resolution on ways to improve women’s education around the world.
   “I expect the kids to do very well, they have been researching and preparing.  All of them are very excited,” said DeWees.   
  The students write position papers that explain their country’s position on an issue and provide ideas on how the world should address the problem.  At the actual debate, the delegates give speeches, negotiate, and propose resolutions, then vote.  Preceding the debate, there is a caucus that includes problem solving, collaboration, and compromise between the delegates.  
  “Hi-Y and Model U.N. teach students how to work with others and also develops their speaking skills.  The experience gives you a better understanding of politics and improves comprehension skills,” said Burdette.  
The Ripley newspaper wishes the students attending Model U.N. good luck and safe travels!

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