Tuesday, March 1, 2016

International trips get students out into world

By: Cheyenne Jones
International trips are a great way to get out and explore the world. Ripley High School is lucky enough to have teachers willing to take students on trips like these.
   Junior Sarah Victory said “I chose this specific trip because it gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in foreign languages.”
    Students are recommended by teachers to come to a meeting about a trip where they can learn about where they are going, when, and how much it costs.
    Julie Morris, a Spanish and French teacher, is one of the teachers who participates in these trips. During her trip in the summer of 2017 they are going to Europe, including London, England; Paris, France; and Berlin, Germany. During this trip they will be visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and taking a guided tour of Berlin.
   “We begin planning a year and a half before the trip so students will have time to pay for the trip. The trip is usually expensive, and if we start early they can use a payment plan. We go on trips every other year,” said Morris.
   When asked about concerns for the trip, Victory said, “There are no concerns about the trip. I am traveling the world and seeking new experiences, and what’s wrong with that? The group will have a safe and fun experience with the teachers who are going.”
    Locations for the trip are based on some questions and answers with students, and the number of students, parents, and teachers that go can vary. On average 20-25 people go on the trips. Sarah Summers, social studies teacher, is also going on a Pacific trip during the summer of 2017. Summers says that she goes on these trips every year. A few places they will be going are New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; and Honolulu, Hawaii. A few things they will be doing is visiting the Sydney Tower, and taking a guided tour of Honolulu.
  Both of these trips are still open for entry and can cost about $3,500 or more per person, so for more information you can speak with either of the teachers.

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