Thursday, March 3, 2016

‘Lip Sync Battle’ coming to lunch

By: Haley Taylor
   There are more weapons being used in a battle than just sporting equipment. Thanks to a popular segment on “The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon,” Spike TV’s “Lip Sync Battle” is on its second season. A variety of celebrities pair up to go against each other using the weapon of their mouths by lip-syncing songs. LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen host the hit television show.
   “Lip Sync Battle” is unlike other reality music shows because contestants are not put in front of a panel of experts to critique; the live audience is the judges. Helping produce epic battles, celebrities are outfitted not only with microphones but props, costumes, and even backup singers. The “winner” is chosen by the studio applause at the end of the episode. One cannot predict who the audience will crown as the winner, but they tend to pick the performer with the most humor as well as how close they act to the actual singer they are interpreting.
    There have been many episodes that are unforgettable. Channing Tatum’s “Run the World” performance will be talked about for decades. At the end of Tatum’s rendition the Queen Beyoncé walks on stage herself sending the audience and viewers off the edge. The crazy part of it all was that it was the first time Tatum and Beyoncé had met. Anne Hathaway won the audience over with her grand finale during “Wrecking Ball” by singing on an actual wrecking ball leaving her opponent and host LL Cool J speechless.
   When the producers are picking the celebrities they look for stars that don’t have to necessarily be a singer, but can take a joke. The performers are allowed to pick any song they think will win the audience over. There have been more recent hit songs played such as “Wrecking Ball,” as well as songs that are older but never forgotten such as, “Baby Got Back.” The contestants that pick an easier song have a better chance of winning because they can focus more on their performance than the lyrics. Easier songs are classified by if they have repeating lyrics for example, “Shake it Off.”
   “Lip Sync Battle” has sparked an idea at Ripley High. Student Council is to create our own lip sync battles. The idea came from student body President Brooke King.
   King said, “I first thought of this idea when I saw Anne Hathaway perform ‘Wrecking Ball.’ I thought it was hilarious.”
   Student Council advisor Becky Neal said, “These battles will just be lunch time entertainment. Hopefully it will be a big enough attraction to help kids stay out of power hour.”
   The performances will be during lunch in the gym and anyone is allowed to participate. If you do not want to participate in the battles you can sign up to be the MC. You can sign up for these acts with Neal. Of course the songs have to be school appropriate and approved by administration. Student Council is hoping to get the performances started in the upcoming weeks. Listen to the announcements or check @RipleyHSWV on twitter for updates!


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