Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday School causes controversy
By: Katie Bailey
  The decision has been officially made that all Jackson County schools will operate on several different Saturdays in the last few months of the 2016 school year, due to the number of school closings and delays this past winter.
  There has been a lot of controversy on the topic of a Saturday School system. Some argue that it will interfere with sporting events, family time, and that it will cause extreme mental draining.
  “I like to sleep in on Saturdays,” said junior Selena Lanham. “With my family plans on Sundays, Saturday is the only real day I get off.”
  However, junior Laura Blizzard agreed with the other side's concerns that were based on an extended summer break.
  “It’s just one more day in the week,” said Blizzard. “It would give us a longer summer and more time with friends.”
  Once the decision was made, some students began to ask about their sports interfering with the Saturday School system. For example, the archery team competes almost every Saturday in the month this policy will take action.
  Attendance of the school sponsored sporting event will excuse you from school that entire day. All other students with absences and no doctor's excuse will be counted absent and the absence will be put on their school record.
  Along with an absence counted against the student, they will also be assigned a day of ISS for truancy.
  So far this only involves two Saturdays, May 14 and May 21, but if any weather complications occur that cause school outings, more weekends will continue to be taken away.


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