Tuesday, March 1, 2016

School art show sure to impress

By: Lucas Blankenship
  April 4-8, the library will feature the work of art students at Ripley High School. The pieces will come in all sizes, and in many forms.
  “I usually choose the neatest and best work from my classes,” said art teacher Debbie Sisson. “The work also has to be creative.”
  The categories of competition are photography, pastel, colored pencil, oil and acrylic, watercolor, tempera, mixed media, paper relief, charcoal, pencil, crafts, stained glass, collage, maker, ink, and 3D sculpture.
Sisson teaches Art I-IV as well as Ceramics, so she will have plenty of pieces to choose from.
  “Most pieces are done in class,” said Sisson. “But students are always welcome to take their art home.”
  Sisson herself chooses what art goes into the school show, while she has outsiders judge what work will continue on to the county show. Only 40 pieces can go to the county show to be displayed alongside Ravenswood High School winners.
  “It’s exciting to show off your hard work,” said senior Emily Dodson who has three pieces going to the school show. “It’s a great opportunity to others to see the hard work that goes into it every day.”
  The county show will be held at Ripley High School, April 15.
  This year, Ravenswood has a new art teacher in Adam Cox. Together, he and Sisson will judge the county show with middle school art teachers will break any ties that may occur.
  Be sure to check out the artwork when it goes on display!

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