Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Track's upcoming season

By: Ashtun Welling

   Track will officially start training Monday, March 29. The teams train by running, independent training and they have been lifting since August. Some returning runners this year are senior Caylee Painter, Audra Thomas, Junior Laurel Miller, and Sophomore Hope King. For the boys we have seniors Lucas Blankenship, Nolan Holley, juniors Dalton Fisher, Justin Fields, and sophomores Zane Griffin, and Steven Carte.
   “This year we have been fortunate to have so many returning runners,” said Coach Bright. This season’s expectations are high and the ultimate goal is to take the majority of our teams to state. Their hopes for this season are to have more state qualifiers, and record breakers. “Last season we did pretty well but there is always room for improvements,” said junior Laurel Miller.
   We wish our track the best of luck for this upcoming season.


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