Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Athletic trainers visit UC

By: Cassidy Tolley
   April 8, a select number of athletic training students from RHS traveled to the University of Charleston to see a college athletic training program.  On their visit, they were able to get a hands-on look at UC’s very own athletic training program and have an open discussion about what it takes to
   “When we first arrived on campus, we listened to an introduction from UC’s director of their athletic training program,” said athletic trainer Steve Lough. “We then had a discussion with the admissions office talking about the requirements to get accepted into UC’s athletic training program.”
   The admissions office stressed how important it is to have good grades in school as well as high-test scores in order to be accepted into their program.
   “The programs are becoming much harder to get accepted into because of the competition.  A prospecting athletic trainer must be proficient in all areas of their school work,” said Lough.
   After the discussion, the athletic trainers toured the University’s training room and participated in a hands-on taping lab and balance activities to see what it’s like to be an admittance of the program.  To conclude the trip, the students received a full tour of the campus and classrooms.

   “We were able to see what the athletic training is really like at the next level,” said senior athletic training staff member Caylee Painter. “It was really helpful.”

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