Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Everybody cut footloose at prom
By: Madisyn McCann   
  "From the oldest of times, people danced for a number of reasons. They danced in prayer... or so that their crops would be plentiful... or so their hunt would be good. And they danced to stay physically fit... and show their community spirit. And they danced to celebrate." *
  April 30 is rapidly approaching and students are itching to kick off their Sunday shoes and cut footloose at their prom.  It is estimated that 250 students will attend this year’s prom.  The event starts at 8 p.m. and Promenade starts at 7:15 p.m.  
  “The theme this year is the 1980’s movie Footloose, but the decorating of the event will be more sophisticated by incorporating flowers and lace around a barn or feedmill background,” said prom coordinator Lisa Hall.  
  The food and drink menu will similar to be last year’s with a few changes and the popular slushies returning.  Also, they have decided to bring back the McNuggets from McDonald’s.  
  “I am very thrilled about the return of the slushies to this year’s prom, they were a big hit last year.  I am also pleased with the chicken nuggets being brought in, but I wish they were Wendy’s nuggets,” said senior Krissa Scarberry.
  Tickets will be sold during the week of prom, April 25 through 29, and will be $25 each.  Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.
  Social Probation
  Students that are on social probation are not permitted to attend prom until they have fewer than five unexcused absences in one or more classes.  If you are currently on social probation and are wishing to get off of it, then you have three options: 1) turn your excuse/notes in, if you do not have excuse notes then 2) you can write a letter to the Attendance Committee or meet with them in person to explain your situation and why you should be taken off the probation, or 3) sign an attendance contract with principal Will Hosaflook.   If you are not sure if you are on social probation or not, make sure to ask assistant principal Jeff Banton so you can get the problem resolved as soon as possible.  We advise students not let ‘senioritis’ get in the way of attending their senior or junior prom, it is a great way to make unforgettable memories with your friends.
  Dress Searching
  Dress trends for this year’s prom are very different from past years. While shopping for dresses this year, you can expect to see lots of midriff that comes along with the popular crop top style dresses.  Floral prints of all kinds are being chosen, accompanied by lace tops and lace trims.  People are showing off their inner flower child with intricate embroidered floral prints that will make anyone’s jaw drop.  
  Another dress craze is the illusion of bare skin that is accomplished with a nude/clear mesh material that is put in the dress.  The mesh material is popularly put in the neckline of the dresses, on the back of dresses to make them appear open, and on the sides along the legs.  The openness of the dress adds some spice or sass to the style while allowing it to stay classy.
  Finding your perfect dress is simple for most people and is easy with so many dress shops available.  There are several prom/bridal dress shops in Parkersburg and Charleston or around those areas that are great for finding previously worn or brand new dresses.  For anyone buying a dress online, be aware that the dress could possibly be different than the pictures on the website and the size might not be right.  If a student cannot afford a dress there is a ‘closet’ that the school has that local parents and students donate dresses that are borrowed for the night.  If any student has a question about borrowing the dresses, they can ask an administrator.  
  For any students that are concerned about whether or not their attire meets the dress code they can ask assistant principal Bev Shatto about the rules of the code or they can, by choice, email a picture of you wearing the outfit to rhswv@boe.jack.k12.wv.us where a group of staff members will review it and give recommendations or approval of it.  There are further guidelines on the school website.  

* Ren addressing the town council in the movie

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