Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pride of Jackson County gets all ones

By: Haley Taylor
   The pride of Jackson County traveled to Cabell Midland Thursday, April 14 for annual adjudication. The whole band performed American Barndance by Richard L. Saucedo and Arlington by Paul Murtha. Several of our students showcased their musical talents in solos. Alyssa Perry, Ashley Knox, and Elizabeth Conrad all played solos during American Barndance while Mrs. Poole conducted.
   Senior Alyssa Perry said, “At the adjudication we played the songs the best we have ever done.”
   Jeanette Bowlby conducted the Arlington. Alyssa Bumpus, Maggie Bowlby, Elizabeth Conrad and Olivia Poe were featured in this particular piece.
   Senior Olivia Poe said, “I thought everyone’s solos went well. All the hard work paid off.”
   Our band performed in front of three judges, who each rated with ones. Ones are the highest scores you can receive. The judges record themselves listening to the performances and make comments while it is going on.
   Senior Jeana Mahan said, “In the previous years we have received all ones as well. I am excited that my senior year we came on top again.”
   Adjudication was not the end of our band being recognized. Over 20 students who tried out for All-State automatically got to go to All-Area Band the following day. All-Area band is when the best students around the state get together and perform. This is the first year All-Area band was open to the middle school level as well. The students were all combined in two different bands, symphonic and concert. Director Sherry Poole picked what students were placed in what band. The first chairs of each section go into the symphonic band.
   Senior Anna Watson who plays the French horn said, “The symphonic band played two popular songs: ‘Hello’ by Adele and ‘Hallelujah’ by Rufus Wainwright.”
   Senior Faith Shamblin who plays the tuba said, “ The concert band performed the ‘Blackhorse Troop’ and ‘Spirituals’.”

   Congratulations to all band students! Wait to make Jackson County proud once again.

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