Monday, April 25, 2016

Ripley making dreams come true one princess at a time
By: Savannah Casto
 Every little girl has dreamt of being a princess even if only for a day.  The students, teachers, and volunteers made this dream come true for any little girl who desired.
  On April 17 many people came together to transform these little girls into beautiful princesses.  There were many different sections to that event such as, hair, makeup, nails, and etiquette.  ““I thought it was a very fun event, and that Emily hugged me and said “I love this so much” so I know she enjoyed herself.”” Said Christina Iman.
  It was a day full of fun and adventure that every little girl desires.  Not only did the little girls become princesses, but the students dressed up as actual princesses, and assisted the girls in their transformation.  “It’s really fun for both the kids and the people who work it.”  Said Mercedes Hackworth who took on the role of princess Jasmine.
  All the money that was raised at the princess tea will be going toward the senior courtyard.  Teacher Lacey Sims will be assisting with the planting of the flowers to beautify the courtyard.

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