Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Students race to get summer jobs

Summer is a great time for students to go out and get a job, because they don’t have to worry about homework or busy school schedules. Many teens just want money so they can go places with friends, or they might be saving up for something they want. For example someone might get a job so that they can buy themselves a car.
   “I need a job to be able to provide for my baby and go to school,” said Kalin Manley a sophomore who just had a baby in January.
   Jobs for teens may not bring in much money, but it can still be a good experience and can be the first step into adulthood. It can help improve social skills when dealing with difficult and rude people, and can be a great way for students to learn responsibility. Jobs can also give teens a chance to learn how to resolve conflicts either between co-workers or customers.
  Sophomore Sarah Purvis said, “Working gives me real life, out of school, responsibility. It also teaches me how to manage my money and time. Working has helped me grow up more, and I believe I have more compassion for adulthoods. ”
  According to Wade Coffindaffer who works for the Ripley Workforce WV, the top three most popular jobs for teens are fast food, cashiers, and office help or assistance.
  “They have flexible hours, and they can work in the summer, during the school year, and on the weekends,” said Coffindaffer.
   Many stores in Ripley are often hiring. For example Walmart and Kroger are usually hiring around this time of year. Some places will allow you to work as a cashier, but if you aren’t 18 someone else has to sell the alcohol. Teens 15 and under have less chance of finding a place to work unless they want to work for a fast food restaurant. It is better to be 16 especially when applying to work at a place that deals with heavy and dangerous equipment because of safety concerns.

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