Monday, April 25, 2016

Students succeed in theater festivals

By: Katie Bailey
  Students involved with the school theater program have been participating in festivals throughout West Virginia. Ripley students, Madison Tanner, Sydney Scarberry, JJ Mahan, Brooke King, Trenton Hilbert, Tyler Hilbert, Samantha Wallace, Ben Morris, Ashley Knox, Ramsey Monk, and Maggie Bowlby participated in both the local and all- state competitions. Before any group can advance to an all-state festival, you must take a part in a local festival.
  “I loved it, I got to bond with so many thespian friends,” said Knox, “It was nice to do something different.”
  A local festival took place in Parkersburg during the last week of February, Tanner won best supporting actress.
  Mahan and King won individual awards for all state cast at the State festival. As for King and Hilbert, they received all area cast at the Regional festival. This is a high honor in which two actors from every show are chosen that stood out to the judges.
  During spring break these hardworking students participated in the state festival. Monk and Bowlby competed in the category for musical solo. Knox competed in the publicity category.
  As for Scarberry, she received an honorable mention for her FX makeup. She was to do a design on herself for a skit involving Cleopatra.
  “My theme for Cleopatra involved snake bites and cuts on my neck and body.” Said Scarberry.
  Many in the audience found her design to be quite powerful and amazing.
  “I thought she did an amazing job,” said Mahan, “ It was very impressive and realistic looking.”
  As a group, they were rewarded with the most significant audience participation award. The actors were speaking directly to the audience and it was a powerful act, which involved a rehab skit.
  Although many students who went were involved in theater class or club, it was not limited to just them. Christina Iman, thespian club director and teacher got her students involved into the festivities taken place throughout West Virginia.
  “If anybody is interested I can help them get involved in whatever aspect they are interested in,” said Iman.

  You do not have to be in the club or class to get involved, if you have further questions about how you can participate you can contact Iman at

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  1. This was my second time attending an event at this place, and was my first business event here (the other event was a charity show). Everything was perfect, the drinks and food was amazing. Even the coffee at venues in Los Angeles was wonderful.