Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New era in football

By: Seth Gainey

Are you ready for Friday nights? Most students would say no, but I disagree. The football team and the coaching staff has pushed their limits to turn this program around. According to Coach Ed Smolder, “Losing is the beginning of success.” If that is true the the Vikings will have a winning season. It is the second year of the Smolder era. He also stated that the team’s ultimate goal is to get a winning season, and to do that they have to take one day at a time. When junior Bradon Campbell and the team hits the field Friday night, they will do anything and everything to win. Smolder also stated that Campbell is doing great coming off his injury.

  “He’s doing fine, that is behind him,” Smolder.

  The younger guys are also looking forward to Friday nights to. Some of the sophomores will be excited cause they get to play. RJ Evans and Josh Kay are both sophomores and they are getting first team reps. Josh Kay is starting at cornerback, while getting reps at safety. Evans is also getting reps at tailback with the first team.

  Speaking of younger guys, a freshman is making a statement and earning some older guys respect. Dalton Myers is getting reps at fullback with the first team. That was before his injury. But when he gets back on the field, the team and coaches believe he will pick up where he left off. Justin Wheeler is also making a strong statement at practice. The Jv quarterback has impressed coaches and players. He has improved majorly on his accuracy and deep throws. One of his targets at wing is Evan King, he also made a strong impression including Smolder. The sophomore wing was catching passes left and right against the first team defense. Evan also impressed during the scrimmage against Capital, and he is up there to get reps at cornerback and safety on Friday Nights.

It’s a new era for Ripley football. Ripley beat south 14-7 on Friday, August 26 at Erickson Field.  It was a nail bitter and it came down to the wire. Kay stepped up huge and only allowed one catch on his side of the field. Evans followed in his footsteps and ran for a total of 93 yards. Ty Eshenaur led the offense with the ground game and had a catch threw the air that put Ripley in the red zone. I guess you could say it’s a new era for the boys in blue and white.

Secondary schedules change for more time for clubs, academic goals

By: Hannah Gandee

 When school started the only schedules anyone cared about was there own, but all that would change. As the student body gets back into the swing of classes, homework, and after school activities some things have changed.  Specifically, this year has given rise to the new Club Schedule and Schedule B. The new Club Schedule has been spoken of the most. As we all know clubs are now during the class schedule, which some students appreciate less than others. Some students also didn’t like the fact clubs are mandatory this year, but others had opposite ideas.
Izzy Donohew, Student Body President, said, “We had club schedule when we were freshmen and sophomores and thought it was a good way to get everyone involved. We noticed that when clubs weren’t mandatory there was very little participation”.
  It was with these thoughts that Donohew and senior Mady Frashier went to Principal Will Hosaflook with their ideas. After collaboration with Hosaflook and his approval, the newest Club Schedule was born.
For all students wondering how often these clubs will meet, Frashier says that clubs should meet once every two weeks which should help the clubs, old and new, prepare for events such as Homecoming or conferences.
Speaking of new clubs, Benford’s Board Games, the Walking Club, and the Sewing Club have all joined the list. For more information, see our other story on clubs.

With Schedule B there is an emphasis on all students doing their best, or we get a shortened lunch. We’ve all thought, “we’re going to be on Schedule B” at some point from the moment this new schedule was learned about.
According to Hosaflook, “Schedule B can be avoided if the school operates the way it should”. This includes a 95% attendance rate, so all students are encouraged to be here unless they cannot be. Academics will also play a large part in deciding whether or not the school remains off of Schedule B. Academically speaking, every nine weeks there must be fewer than five percent F’s in classes or the school will be placed on Schedule B.
Schedule B will also shorten the lunch period from an hour to two lunch periods, each thirty minutes long. The way this will work is the first lunch will be used by students who have fifth period in the Annex and the Music Building. The second lunch will be for the students who have fifth period in the Main Building. These shortened and split lunches will also bring a cancelation of Power Hour, which may be fine for some students but not for those who truly need to make up assignments.
 Junior Alex Hill said, “I don’t like that Schedule B will get rid of Power Hour. I actually enjoy the time that it gives me to finish assignments and make-up work.”
 While some students may dislike the shortened time for hanging out with friends and others dislike the lack of Power Hour, there is only one thing the students agree on; they don’t want to have to go to Schedule B.

Girls' soccer team makes comeback with team work

By: Maisie Stout
A new school year means new opportunities and a chance at redemption. After a mediocre season last fall, the Lady Vikings soccer team is eager to get back on the field and show off their effort and teamwork. The Lady Vikes kicked their season off with a bang on August 20th by winning against Buckhannon-Upshur (2-1).
Junior Presley Fisher said, “We have improved our skills individually and our team bonding which will lead to more wins.”
Fisher went on to say that the Lady Vikes even have a chance at going further in the state tournament. This year the Lady Vikings gained many new players, including freshman and upper classman who decided to comeback into the game, as well as many new tactics to improve their playing on the field. Naudia Morrison, a sophomore who plays left wing, also mentioned that the team is better than last year because of better chemistry and more players.  Senior Megan Scarberry has been playing soccer for eleven years and is excited to start the season. Scarberry thinks that the season will go well, but that they will have fun no matter what.   
Other key components in the success of the Lady Vikes include coaches Chris Stout and Alyssa Brozak and the establishment of “group study night”, as well as other activities. Stout and Brozak created a night once a week after practice where members of the team will be able to study with each other and do homework. All of the team members agree that it is difficult to have homework and a game on the same night.
Fisher says, “You have to learn how to keep your priorities straight and learn how to recover from late nights due to games and homework and having to get up and do it all again tomorrow.”
Along with the group study, the coaches and team members set up a “team-bonding” night, which is another difference than last year. The team members got together and played games and got to know each other. Many team members agree that bonding has helped the team improve on the field. As the season progresses, the girls will become better players and better friends thanks to the ever-improving coaching endeavors and effort displayed by the entire team.