Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Girls' soccer team makes comeback with team work

By: Maisie Stout
A new school year means new opportunities and a chance at redemption. After a mediocre season last fall, the Lady Vikings soccer team is eager to get back on the field and show off their effort and teamwork. The Lady Vikes kicked their season off with a bang on August 20th by winning against Buckhannon-Upshur (2-1).
Junior Presley Fisher said, “We have improved our skills individually and our team bonding which will lead to more wins.”
Fisher went on to say that the Lady Vikes even have a chance at going further in the state tournament. This year the Lady Vikings gained many new players, including freshman and upper classman who decided to comeback into the game, as well as many new tactics to improve their playing on the field. Naudia Morrison, a sophomore who plays left wing, also mentioned that the team is better than last year because of better chemistry and more players.  Senior Megan Scarberry has been playing soccer for eleven years and is excited to start the season. Scarberry thinks that the season will go well, but that they will have fun no matter what.   
Other key components in the success of the Lady Vikes include coaches Chris Stout and Alyssa Brozak and the establishment of “group study night”, as well as other activities. Stout and Brozak created a night once a week after practice where members of the team will be able to study with each other and do homework. All of the team members agree that it is difficult to have homework and a game on the same night.
Fisher says, “You have to learn how to keep your priorities straight and learn how to recover from late nights due to games and homework and having to get up and do it all again tomorrow.”
Along with the group study, the coaches and team members set up a “team-bonding” night, which is another difference than last year. The team members got together and played games and got to know each other. Many team members agree that bonding has helped the team improve on the field. As the season progresses, the girls will become better players and better friends thanks to the ever-improving coaching endeavors and effort displayed by the entire team.

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