Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Secondary schedules change for more time for clubs, academic goals

By: Hannah Gandee

 When school started the only schedules anyone cared about was there own, but all that would change. As the student body gets back into the swing of classes, homework, and after school activities some things have changed.  Specifically, this year has given rise to the new Club Schedule and Schedule B. The new Club Schedule has been spoken of the most. As we all know clubs are now during the class schedule, which some students appreciate less than others. Some students also didn’t like the fact clubs are mandatory this year, but others had opposite ideas.
Izzy Donohew, Student Body President, said, “We had club schedule when we were freshmen and sophomores and thought it was a good way to get everyone involved. We noticed that when clubs weren’t mandatory there was very little participation”.
  It was with these thoughts that Donohew and senior Mady Frashier went to Principal Will Hosaflook with their ideas. After collaboration with Hosaflook and his approval, the newest Club Schedule was born.
For all students wondering how often these clubs will meet, Frashier says that clubs should meet once every two weeks which should help the clubs, old and new, prepare for events such as Homecoming or conferences.
Speaking of new clubs, Benford’s Board Games, the Walking Club, and the Sewing Club have all joined the list. For more information, see our other story on clubs.

With Schedule B there is an emphasis on all students doing their best, or we get a shortened lunch. We’ve all thought, “we’re going to be on Schedule B” at some point from the moment this new schedule was learned about.
According to Hosaflook, “Schedule B can be avoided if the school operates the way it should”. This includes a 95% attendance rate, so all students are encouraged to be here unless they cannot be. Academics will also play a large part in deciding whether or not the school remains off of Schedule B. Academically speaking, every nine weeks there must be fewer than five percent F’s in classes or the school will be placed on Schedule B.
Schedule B will also shorten the lunch period from an hour to two lunch periods, each thirty minutes long. The way this will work is the first lunch will be used by students who have fifth period in the Annex and the Music Building. The second lunch will be for the students who have fifth period in the Main Building. These shortened and split lunches will also bring a cancelation of Power Hour, which may be fine for some students but not for those who truly need to make up assignments.
 Junior Alex Hill said, “I don’t like that Schedule B will get rid of Power Hour. I actually enjoy the time that it gives me to finish assignments and make-up work.”
 While some students may dislike the shortened time for hanging out with friends and others dislike the lack of Power Hour, there is only one thing the students agree on; they don’t want to have to go to Schedule B.

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