Friday, September 2, 2016

100 layers trend breaks internet

By: Katie Bailey
   Some see 100 layers of awesome and some 100 layers of terror. Either way this trend breaking the internet. Many viewers that participate on any social media have heard or seen the 100-layer challenge. The challenge consists of people, normally YouTube users, coating cosmetic products and clothing on different parts of their bodies.
   It started out with just 100 layers, but viewers couldn’t seem to get enough of the bizarre fashion trend. Users kept adding more and more layers for more and more views until filming it consumed their entire day.
   Jenna Marbles, famous YouTube user, did the challenge wearing 100 layers of foundation, self tanner, nail polish, lip gloss, hairspray and faux eye lashes. As she finished her video, Marbles claimed it took her a whopping seven and a half hours to shoot!
   After completing the challenge Marbles stated, “I regret everything! My face, at this point, feels like I'm not sure if it can ever feel clean again.”
   The students at Ripley High seem to enjoy this hysterical trend roaming YouTube’s top hits.
   Senior, Miciah Eshenhaur said, “I watched her video and absolutely loved it, it made me want to try it, just maybe not as extreme.”
   Other students such as senior Selena Lanham found the idea idiotic.
   “I think it’s a waste of time and money. As soon as you put these layers on and get to 100, you are going to want to take it off,” said Lanham.

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