Wednesday, September 7, 2016


By: Zaya Settle

 Black, gray, and white. That's all I ever saw. From the time I was born all I have ever been able to see was those colors and a few flashes of other ones here and there. I had always dreamed of what the color red would look like. Would it be bright and stand out, or would it be dark and hide in the back. Until I met him I didn't know. Once I did meet him it was like a new world was opened. There was no more flashes of color here and there, it was everywhere. Swirls of purple, blue, green, it was everything I had imagined. I felt alive. When I lost him though my world had become gray again. The love I found in him was brighter then any color I could have imagined, but he found someone that made his eyes open just a tad more, he found someone that changed his perspective on the normal colors I had shown him. He told me I would find someone that would show me the shades and the tints that each color had. He told me I would find the person I wanted to share my secrets with, hug when I was sad, and tell I love you to when the time was right. He told me I'd find someone like he had and that I'd be happier than I was when it was him  and I. I accepted his words and took them to heart. I would find someone to show me more than what I had. I was scared though, when would I find someone. How long would I be without the colors I had grown so used to. The red I had wondered so long about was back to being the same gray color. The blue sky I waited so long to see, was back to the way it was before, and there was nothing I could do to change it. I decided on that day, that I would do one of two things; I would live happily on my own and cherish the colors I had once seen, or I would spend the remainder of my life trying to find that one person that would make my life glow brighter than ever before.

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