Thursday, September 8, 2016

Creative Corner showcases writing from course

The creative writing class has long been a place for students to build and develop their writing skills outside of a regular English course.  Participants will learn and practice more genres of writing, as well as work in some of their favorite media.  Now, they are looking for ways to share a writing piece each month with a growing audience.

"The students share [their pieces]...and all of the other students in the class vote.  The pieces are anonymous until the winner is announced.  The students can submit anything they like of their own writing to compete," new teacher Nikki Atkinson said.

With encouragement from Atkinson, the students decided to expand their exposure by showcasing a piece of the month in the classroom and on the web.

"I see it as an opportunity for the students to receive recognition for their talent and hard work...for other students to appreciate  good piece written by someone they know," she said.

In the past, the Creative Writing 2 and 3 members have worked hard to design and produce a literary magazine each year.  Though the bulk of the work included is from their classmates, students from throughout the school have been encouraged to contribute poems, shorts stories, and more.

The Viking Press is proud to be a platform for their work.  Check out our new "Creative Corner" tab for updates throughout the year.

"There are so many wonderful things happening in our classrooms that we just don't get a chance to share with the rest of the school or community.  I'm thrilled that we can show off some of the talents and efforts that our teachers and students have," said adviser Emily Okes.

If you know of a student that deserves special notice for any reason, please contact the school newspaper about a story in our "Student Recognition" section.

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