Thursday, September 22, 2016

Golf team swings into new season

By: Kindra Sarver

   Being a part of the smallest sports team at Ripley High does not stop these boys from being tough competitors. Elijah Riffe, Michael Lough, Cody Ramsey, and Darrell Shamblin are the four players that make up the school’s golf team. The team practices at the Green Hills Country Club’s course with coach Kevin McClung.
   Junior Michael Lough said, “Being on a smaller team has its benefits. We all get to know a lot about each other and become close. Also, we get more one-on-one time at practices, because there are only four of us, coach McClung is able to take time to work with all of us individually at practices.”
   Senior Elijah Riffe said, “This year has probably been the best year in terms of placing for the team since coach McClung has started coaching. The team’s made up of a great group of players.”
Golf is a co-ed sport, yet our team is only composed of boys. It has been decades, if ever, that a girl has been a part of the team.
   Riffe said, “With golf not being one of the most popular sports around here, it’s difficult to find boys, let alone girls to play. Other teams in the conference do have girls on them.”
   All agree that tournaments are fun because you spend the day with people that are as passionate about the sport as they are.
   However, Michael Lough said, “Matches and tournaments are exhausting because there’s so much walking, it’s extremely hot, and we have to carry a 30 lbs bag the entire 3-6 hours.”
   The team’s goal is to consistently place and to give themselves the chance of going to states. They have 9-hole matches and 18 hole tournaments. Towards the end of the season the team will partake in conference tournaments and regionals.

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