Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homecoming is coming soon

By: Hannah Gandee

   This is what you’ve been waiting for, flashing lights and upbeat music pounding in your ears. Homecoming, a time for football and dancing that everyone enjoys, it will take place September 23-24 this year.
   Whether you like the hallways and parade or go all out at the game and dance, Homecoming fills students with school spirit. Gathering students to participate in events or just enjoy the dancing and decorations fills the school with a deep sense of unity. It helps with school spirit by getting the majority of students involved.
  Junior Class President Carson Broom told all about the theme selection process.
   “As a council we came up with themes and the officers made a list of titles and descriptions.” Then the whole council voted on which theme we liked best.”
   This year, the hallways will be sporting an Olympics theme that promises to make for good competition between the classes. The hallway decorating competition brings out the creative and competitive spirits the student body possesses.
   The Homecoming Parade on September 23 will provide entertainment with floats for each grade and any club who wants to participate. The floats will be judged on how much effort goes into the floats and how amazing the floats appear.
   The FFA is keeping it mysterious this year as Chairman of the Float Committee, junior Alexandra Dean says, “I think our special guests are going to be exciting and I can’t wait for the parade”.
   The Homecoming game on Friday, September 23 against George Washington is one of the two games that receives the most student participation.
   Football player Riley Stewart, junior, said “We stepped up the heat in practice after last week, so we should improve a lot by Homecoming. I think we’re going to beat GW.”
   The Homecoming dance on Saturday, September 24 lets all students dance and be happy, which is a great break from the stress school places on the students. Tickets will be needed to enter the dance and will be sold the week of September 19- 23. They will cost $10 for one ticket and $20 for two. Tickets will be sold in the school store and not at the door.
   If you want to bring a student from a different school to Homecoming, forms MUST be filled out and returned to the office.
   For all students attending Homecoming, outfits must meet school dress code. Ladies, if you haven’t found a dress yet, good luck. Try for something that feels right, and don’t put too much on shoes, they probably won’t last the whole night. Gentlemen, wear something to match with your group or your lady, color matching always looks good in the photos.

   One note, please be safe and make good decisions. Keep Homecoming safe and fun for everyone.

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