Monday, September 12, 2016

Macpacks are in Style

By: Calista Boggess
   This year every student has MacBooks and macpacks to go along with them, but students say its boring, not to mention confusing, that everyone has the same black backpack.
   Solution: decorate it! There are all sorts of different pins, patches, key chains, tags, and other cute accessories to add uniqueness to the mackpacks. Hot Topic and Books-A-Million both sell buttons at a decent price.
   Junior Sydney Wyre said, “I like to customize my backpack because it makes my bag more me and more unique.”
   Since all of the backpacks are black, it can be hard to tell them apart. This is also where customizing them comes in handy.
   Freshman, Walker Shouldis said, “Its hard for me to find my backpack after band since it looks like all the others and I’m in a rush so I don’t have time to search.”
   Some students like the macpacks while others definitely do not. Many claim the backpack is too small and cannot fit all of their notebooks, binders, and other school items in it at once. Some bags have several zippers, but not all. The ones with only two zippers again restrict the amount of things you can carry.
   Also bags from last year aren’t like the brand new ones and are not always in the best condition from last year’s use. If you wish to wash your macpack, try washing them inside out so that the padding will dry faster.
   “My backpack smelled so bad I had to go home and wash it, and when that didn’t work I put dryer sheets in the pockets to make it smell better,” said Sophomore, Bethany Johnson.
   The main pro to owning the macpack is that your MacBook is safe and protected so there will less likely be shattered screens, as long as it is kept safely in a macpack. Also another pro to having the macpacks are customized backpacks unique to each individual.

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