Monday, September 12, 2016

Pokemon Go gets students moving

By: Kindra Sarver

   The new phone app Pokemon Go, was a hit this summer across the world and in the city of Ripley. Everywhere you went, people would be walking the streets with their phones in their faces trying to catch the creatures. It was released July 6 in the United States. The game drew attention from not only previous Pokemon fans, but people that had no clue what Pokemon was before.
   It is a game that is not only enjoyed individually, but a game families and friends can all play together. This is proven by the Sinclairs, a family who played together every day in the summer for an average of four hours. The power family, all Team Valor, worked together to bring their team success.
   With school starting back, the extremists have to cut down the amount of time they play. Getting less playing time is upsetting to the extremists.
   Denver Purvis stated, “With school, I can usually play for an hour or two a day, but in the summer I was averaging about five.”
   Pokemon can be found all over campus. Lunch or before school begins is the best time to look around for them.
   What is so enticing about this game that people are spending so much time playing it, some may wonder. The Pokemons are hidden all over town. The objective is to catch as many as you can, evolve them, and battle other teams for better Pokemon. Poke Stops are placed all over town. Poke Stops are where you can stock up on Poke Balls to catch the Pokemon. The majority of churches, historical sites, and popular businesses host these spots. The amount of time this will stay a trend is unknown, but many predict it short.

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