Thursday, September 1, 2016

'Project Paint the Lot' adds more colors to school

By Shianna Pennington
Have you noticed more color than usual on your walk across the parking lot?  Student Council members Izzy Donohew and Mady Frashier came up with the fantastic idea of painting the parking spaces in the senior lot. They got their idea from Huntington High School, and then took it to principal Will Hosaflook, who then took it to the Board of Education, to have it approved.   
   “The school mainly focuses on academics and sports, and does not pay enough attention to the arts. We want the seniors to be able to express their originality,” said Frashier.
   The seniors who wanted to participate payed $10, choose any spot, and were able to paint it. Hosaflook had two days set out that students were allowed to paint their spots, to block off the lots for work and drying, Sunday, August 14th and Saturday August 20th.
  Painted spots are in the top lot and the middle lot below the main building. There were a total of 65 seniors who paid money to have their spot. Teachers were also allowed to paint, though they were not forced to pay. There is only one teacher so far who has a painted spot, English teacher Emily Okes.
   There is so much creativity and originality on these spots. Where did they get the idea to paint their spot like that?
   Frashier painted a purple flower and her monogram on a pale yellow background, an idea from Pinterest.
 As for senior, Sarah Victory painted Boo’s door from “Monster's Inc.” on her spot because “It’s my favorite movie!”
   There are 65 total painted spots, and they are all creative and original in their own way. All students are encouraged to see what awesome work the seniors have done.      
Tips for Future Painters
·      Wear sunscreen so you don’t get sunburnt
·      Drink lots of water
·      Paint with darker colors because lighter ones don’t cover the concrete very well
·      Bring a friend or family member to help
·      Wear light colored clothes
·      Have fun!!

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