Monday, September 12, 2016

School store sells shirts, supplies

By: Calista Boggess
   The school store, the Viking Nook, opened at the end of last year. The West Virginian Department of Education required that all business departments in schools must have a simulated workplace. Principal William Hosaflook decided a school store would be the best decision because it provides a way to show school spirit. 
   “It gives people the opportunity that don’t go to athetic events or other extracurricular activities to go and purchase Ripley Viking merchandise,” Hosaflook said.
   The store is located in the front of business teacher Tanya Balls room. Ball and Angie Litton are the teachers in charge, but the store is to be operated and managed by the business classes in the school such as business computer applications, office management, personal finance, and others. 
   The Viking Nook, named by junior Micah Ranson does not have set hours yet, but is open during the school day. So far class shirts, fun prep rally beads, and shakers are being sold. Don’t set your expectations low because according to Ball and Litton there will be much more to come. Some of these items are nutritional snacks, water, fruit juices, school supplies, decals, and tickets for dances or athletic events are all planed on being sold.
   “Something I would add to the school store would be deodorant. Also I’d like to see lanyards be sold,” said junior Sarah Purvis.
   The Viking Nook is mainly to show school spirit and pride, but all of the profits are going straight back into the school and the school store. This money will help purchase more things to be sold in the store. Come help the Viking Nook thrive by purchasing a class of T-Shirt for only $10.


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