Monday, September 12, 2016

Volleyball team setting up successful season

By: Kindra Sarver

   The new school year welcomes the return of fall sports and many new coaches. The volleyball team is welcoming a new head coach, but not so much a new face. Math teacher, Lauren Fuhrman stepped up as the new head coach for varsity. Alumna Dusti Fisher follows as the new assistant. Fuhrman is no stranger to Ripley High Volleyball, being the coach of the Junior Varsity team for the past two years and Fisher played on the team in her Ripley High days.
   “As a whole team, I expect to improve technically,” Fuhrman added.
   Senior Cassidy Craddock said, “With Fisher, she is younger and played volleyball, so she can hit hard at us and better prepare us for the games. Fuhrman coaches us as a team, rather than individually, and it helps us work better together.”
   The volleyball team is adopting an idea that three other AAA teams have been trying called a practice team. It is for girls that do not have the opportunity to be on the team to continue to practice.
   Senior Courtney Lanham said, “I love the idea of the practice team because it gives the girls a chance to work on their skills and to improve before tryouts next season.”
   The co-captains are the four seniors, Cassidy Craddock, Allie Hamilton, Courtney Lanham, and Kindra Sarver. Craddock, Hamilton, and Lanham have all played together since sixth grade; Sarver joined them in seventh. All seniors say they have high expectations for this season. Each also claim their main goal is to make memories and have fun.

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