Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Student Council makes change in dress code

By: Maisie Stout
This year Student Council asked for a new, more lenient dress code. Student Council asked administration for a modified rule that would allow students to have shorts/skirts come to their fingertips and two-inch straps on shirts for girls. This slightly different rule accommodates more body types and allows students to wear more comfortable outfits during the warmer seasons. The new dress code has been greatly welcomed by most students who have felt restricted in the past. The most noticeable change in the dress code is the length of pants, going from the width of a notecard above the knee to each individuals’ fingertips.  
Other parts of the dress code are still the same; no halter tops, no hats in buildings, boys are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts (this includes muscle shirts), and pajama bottoms are still considered inappropriate. While many of us think that most of these rules are unfair, we have to remember that they are enforced to keep our school respectable and modest.

Even though the dress code was changed to be less restricting, students during the first few weeks of school still broke the code. The revised code was broken so much that administration announced that the school could go back to the old dress code in only the second week of school. After this announcement the student body did a better job of abiding to the dress code, and hopefully we will be able to keep this dress code for a long time.


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