Friday, September 2, 2016

Teacher starts new club as tribute

By: Katie Bailey
   This past summer Ripley High has lost a dear friend to all. Student Laura Blizzard encouraged and shared smiles to so many in the hallways. Sadly, she passed away due to complications with a surgery in July. To honor her beautiful soul, choir teacher Annie Hancock is in the process of beginning a new club for students after school for anyone who would like to play the ukulele, which Blizzard played often.
   While many attending Ripley have already started playing, such as sister Anne Blizzard and friend Hayley Preston. Many more would love to learn to play, but do not own or cannot buy one. Hancock plans on providing an ukulele to anyone who cannot afford or receive one. She also encourages everyone to come and join.  
   “Newcomers are very welcome! Even if you have never picked up an instrument before we encourage you to come and try it!” Said Preston.
   Before anyone can start staying after school for the club, Hancock will need to begin fundraising. She does not have much information at this time but said, “I’m trying to find and receive the best deals I can so we can buy more ukuleles!”
  Students with past experience and Hancock will be teaching the class to play Blizzard’s favorite songs and their own personal favorites.
   “Laura made me fall in love with my ukulele,” said Preston. “I hope to teach with the same passion and grace that Laura used, to make you love playing just as much as I do. We hope to see a good turnout!”
   For more information about how to get involved, contact Hancock on her email

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