Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Virtual Reality Goggles Sweeping The Nation

By: Brooke Nichols
    Virtual reality is improved and better than ever and its transforming the gaming world, colleges, businesses and much more. Goggles fitted with sensors that have three-dimensional image or environment to be interacted in a real or physical way by a person using special equipment.
   Ripley High School Student Luke Fitzsimons has the VR goggle and says “I love the goggles, I bought them to advance my gaming experience and put me more into the game because I like being on my computer a lot so why not make it better.”
   Being invented in 1968, by Ivan Sutherland, with the help of a student Bob Sproul, created what is widely considered the first Virtual Reality system. It was a less advanced version of what we have today it use to be a head piece with glasses attached that the user pulls in front of their eyes. It has changed dramatically through the years though from 1968-2016. With improvements and changes to the VR system from the original machine itself such as its now a transitional headset, uses phones, the viewing quality is HD, the sound and much more.
   Some of the companies that sell the VR are Oculus Rift, Sony, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and many more. The prices can range from $900-$2,000 there is a pricing difference because the lower prices just get’s you the bare minimum of what you need. And the more you pay for the VR system the better quality it will be. Also not all items that are needed to run the VR is included some things are sold separately.
   Many businesses and colleges are using VR systems like, the University of Michigan’s football team will be breaking new ground this fall with VR. As the first collegiate athletic department to use the VR for practice, recruiting, and also fan interaction. VR is beginning to gain acknowledgement in college and professional sports, and Michigan becomes the first school to embrace this upcoming technology. In order to provide an almost real life experience like running out of the tunnel, playing the game, the whole nine yards of the gaming experience.
   While 12 team mates are learning the new way of recruitment on VR in 2015, defensive tackle Maurie Hurst Jr. takes his turn, and when he takes off the headset, he seems overwhelmed.
   He said, shaking his head. "And I thought Google Maps was cool." 
   Chesson said "I thought it would be like Viewfinders, like when you were a little kid.” "When you pull down the lever and then click the picture would change. What I just watched, that's mind-blowing stuff. You can feel the energy. It's like you're right there."
   Not just schools and football team but the British Army Recruitment is getting ahead of the curve with using VR to show men and women what its like to be in the battle field, be in the tanks/trucks, and much more. It shows you what you are enlisting for so that you can be ready before you take that big leap into enlisting.
   Not yet widely used by schools yet but this being such a great learning experience hopefully later on more High Schools and sports teams will jump on the use of VR as a learning tool and much more in the classrooms.

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