Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cross country runs to states

By: Seth Gainey
Cross Country was  in a little slump this year. But, two runners think they can turn it around. Senior Dalton Fisher and Sophomore Bradley Yost believe the team will get out of it. Fisher and Yost have been competing with each other for the fastest runner on the team. Fisher, with a personal record of 16:03, and Yost, with a personal record of 17:29, are on a good run to go to states this year. With regionals approaching fast on October 20, they have to lead the way.
  “It’s a challenge being consistent, I’ve been to states for cross country and track and I’m trying to be consistent with that every year I run,”  Fisher stated.
   Yost’s challenges are different from his teammates
   “I just have mental blockage, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just the hype around me going to states, and the mindset I have of being the best,” runner Yost stated
   The two competitors also have goals they want to accomplish.
   “My main goal is to run for UC, it’s a great college and I think I have the work ethic to get me there, “Fisher said.
   Yost, on the other hand, has one goal in mind.
   “My goal is to be the best,” Yost stated.
   They both have goals and challenges to overcome and to achieve. Even though the team may be in a slump, Yost and Fisher think they will pick it up on October 20th.
  Another top runner is a sophomore Kelly Longanacre, her personal record  is 19 minutes. She is on a good road of making states. She has been a top runner since middle school. She’s gonna make a good impact for the next two years of her high school career.


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