Wednesday, October 12, 2016

DIY costumes are spooktacular

By: Calista Boggess
   With Halloween just around the corner, a costume is necessary for celebrating.
   Ordering a costume online or buying one in stores can cost an arm and a leg. On the average costume costs around $30 to $130. That can get very expensive, especially if more than one costume is bought so do it yourself.
   The first DIY costume is Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad.”
     Materials needed include:
·      Fishnets
·      Black or red shoes (Converse preferred, but whatever will work)
·      Jean shorts
·      Red, blue, and black paint
·      White shirt
·      Hair chalk
·      Black belt
     How to make it:
1.     If you own any of these materials that I mentioned, you can use them. I recommend things you don’t wear since you will be painting on them
2.     Go to Goodwill and buy a white shirt. Any type works: a T-shirt, long sleeve, or three quarter length shirt. Also buy jean shorts and a black belt if you don’t already have them or don’t want to ruin yours.
3.     Go to Walmart and buy cheap fishnets, fabric paint, and hair chalk if you want to.
4.     Take the white shirt and paint one sleeve red and the other blue. Next paint Daddy’s Lil Monster with black in Jezebel in the middle.
5.     Paint one half of the jeans red and the other side is already blue because its denim.
6.     Apply makeup like Harley Quinn, chalk hair if you want or can, pull up into pigtails, and voila the look is complete.
   The next costume is for Han Solo from “Star Wars”
     Materials needed:
·      White long sleeve shirt
·      Black vest
·      Black belt
·      Jeans
·      Black boots
     How to make it
1.     Go to Goodwill if you do not own these materials already
2.     If you don’t own or cannot find a black vest, a black jacket and cut off the sleeves and hood.
3.     Cut a large v-neck into the shirt if its not like that already. Layer appropriately and your done.
   The next costume is a greek god/goddess
     Materials needed:
·      A white shirt
·      A white sheet
·      A belt
·      Gold paint
·      A headband
·      Gold pipe cleaners
   How to make it:
1.     Put the white shirt on so where the sheet doesn’t cover the shirt will.
2.     Take the white sheet and wrap around your body to make a toga.
3.     If your belt is gold that works. If not paint it gold, and wrap it around your waist.
4.     To make the crown, take gold pipe cleaners to make a tiara or crown.

5.     Pop it on your head and make people treat you like royalty.

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