Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Fashion

By: Kindra Sarver
   Along with season change comes the change of fashion. We are putting away the summer clothes and bringing out our fall attire. Keeping up with the current trends is a goal of many students.
   This year’s biggest fall trend is over-sized sweaters. These sweaters work for both the guys and the ladies because they are simple. Solid colored with slightly rolled sleeves is the most popular choice. The colors that compliment the season are: browns, plum, forest green, oranges, a golden yellow, and many other aumunal-based colors. To compliment the sweater trend on extremely cold days, ladies can add a blanket scarf.
   Blanket scarves can be found priced a little high, but buying your own fabric makes it a lot cheaper. Walmart has tons of plaid fabric options for you crafty students to try out. After getting the fabric, all you will need is a sewing machine or basic sewing skills for the hem.
  If you are looking for layers, you can never go wrong with a flannel. Whether it be wearing it with a tank top, or just simply buttoning it up, flannels are favored for fall. Also, a popular fashion choice made by many girls this year, is tying flannels around the waist.
   It’s time to put away the flip flops and sandals, and pull out the boots. A continuing trend from last fall is Sperry boots. Sperry sells them for boys and girls in multiple heights. They look best when worn with skinny jeans for ladies. For guys, Sperry boots look best with regular straight-legged jeans. The price of these boots range from $70-$250 dollars. The quality of the boots is what makes them so high priced. They are long lasting. Sperry boots will continue to be a trend, so you can wear them for following falls and winters.
  To complete the look, add a pair of ripped jeans. Dark wash compliments fall colors best, but if you are wearing a navy color, light was jeans are the way to go.
   You can stay up to date with trends by looking on Pinterest. By searching fall fashion on there you will find tons of cute outfit ideas to try.

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