Thursday, October 20, 2016

Football team falls from the Playoffs

By: Seth Gainey
Even though the team has struggled in games, the Vikings worked hard in practice, and  the guys have improved tremendously. For example, sophomore Evan King showed out in the JV game. He racked up four touchdowns in one game, now he is getting some varsity playing time.
  “Well getting moved up is very exciting,but makes me step my play in practice and games. All around I think it’s making me better and since I’m not starting on defense, so I make the varsity better as well,” receiver King said.
  With some players out due to injuries, younger teammates have to step up. Since Senor Chance Morgan tore his PCL, RJ Evans is now the varsity running back. Evans is a sophomore and he leads the team in rushing yards. He is top 10 in the state.
   The team stand at 2-4 with four more games to go. The team has enough depth to overcome injuries. Junior Jacob Carte has been out for a few weeks after he tweaked his leg in the first JV game this season. Anthony Domico is a sophomore and has been stepping up in the JV games.  Sophomore Chris DeFrank is starting at linebacker when the Vikings go against South Charleston.
  As the team gets ready to face South Charleston, the defense is ready to face a division one player, by the name of Derrek Pitts Jr. He recently decommitted to Penn State. Sophomore Josh Kay and Junior Colton Kay  are ready to face him.
  “I’m taking the same approach as any other receiver. He hasn’t shown me anything special; I’m not worried”, sophomore cornerback Kay stated.

  The Vikings fell to 2-6 after the loss to Spring Valley. The score was 47-6. It was a tough home loss. The chances of making the playoffs are out the window, but we will be back next year.

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