Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Greenhouse Gets Makeover

By: Seth Gainey

    The old greenhouse is being torn down and a new one is being built.  The old greenhouse is out of date, needs new ventilation, and just has the regular wear and tear that any old building has. Craig Canterbury’s third year Ag structure class will be deconstructing the old greenhouse.   
   “We are taking tables out, plastic off, wood supports out, taking plumbing out and currently taking the metal frame apart,” said Lily Stalnaker.
    The entire deconstruction will take about 2-3 weeks. Because the third year Ag structure students are the ones deconstructing the greenhouse and it is a simulated workplace, they do not need safety waivers, as they have already been taught the skills needed to complete a project such as this one.
   Canterbury also stated that it will affect some parking spaces.
     “There is a slight chance construction will take up three or four spots, and there also might be some debris in other parking spaces, so drive carefully.”
    Before the Chancey-Walker was built, the old greenhouses consisted of two smaller greenhouse forged together to make one massive, green environment for these plants to flourish.
     Another 3rd year Ag student named Michael Fields is also excited to work on this project.
 “It’s better than sitting in class,” Fields said.
     This project also helps them demonstrate skills that students might need in the real world.
   “Tearing down the greenhouse teaches responsibility, and correct use of tool,” Fields said.
      Lacy Simms explained why they are getting a new greenhouse “There was a lot of wear and tear, it was getting too old, and there was not enough ventilation,” said horticulture teacher Lacy Simms.
   Until the new greenhouse is built, the horticulture class will stay in the classroom and work on other things.
      “We are Carving pumpkins this month,” Sophomore Tanner Ross stated.

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