Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween TRUNK-or-TREAT

 By: Brooke Nichols
  Are you ready for that time of year to dress up and hand out candy or take your siblings around to the different houses? Ripley High's members are because on Halloween night Monday, October 31 from 5:00pm- 7:30pm Craig Canterbury organized the third annual night of TRUNK-or-TREAT. Created by FFA members in 2014 to start TRUNK-or-TREAT to send invitations to clubs to dress up and spend time with fellow classmates and families.
  Invitations were sent out to all clubs and sports teams to pre register to hand out candy in the back parking lot of the high school. Each year we have done this we have had a good turn out with the clubs helping out. 6 or 7 clubs usually come out to have some fun.
  Student Emma Corey has handed out candy in the past at TRUNK-or-TREAT and said, “This is a fun way to spend your halloween dressed up with friends and family and I hope we continue to do this because it’s an amazing time”.
  This year you will find FFA, FCCLA, HI Y, Main Street Teens, Choir, Thespians, and the FCA clubs all dressed up and ready to hand out candy.
  BYOBOC “Bring Your Own Bag of Candy” the more we have the better the night will be.
 Canterbury said, “The avenues are the golden jackpot to get the most candy. Then you just circle right over to the high school for more”.
  It’s the perfect opportunity to for everyone to interact with the community that supports us and gives to the students and so much toward the school and clubs and what we do. So this is our night to give back to the community and also have some fun with the friends and family. If you’re in one of these clubs that RSVP in advance dress up and come over and help your club hand out candy we encourage all the help that we can get.
 The 3rd annual TRUNK-or-TREAT this Halloween is gonna be a blast so don’t miss out. Individual students that are apart of a club that received an invitation go grab your costume or come as you are and join the clubs and teachers. As they celebrate Halloween night handing out candy to everyone.

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