Monday, October 17, 2016


By: Courtney “Michelle” Tucker
Happiness is a feeling
not a destination
It may be hard to find
but it’s out there
People ask am I ever gonna find it
(yes or no)
I say yes you can find it,
if you look at it as a feeling
not some point in your life
you have to make it to
You gotta wait for it
or what’s the point,
don’t give up so easily
Yeah its hard feeling alone,
like no one’s around
to pick you up off your feet
My opinion is there’s always
someone else out there
looking for the same thing you are
I know it don’t seem like it
but it’s the truth
even if it don’t last long
Isn’t it better to know
what it feels like
instead of never knowing
at all
Yeah sometimes
it can hurt
but it’s better to know
what the feeling is
of happiness and love
then to never know
what it feels like
No matter what
you will remember the memories
and no matter how much it hurts
memories are something you cherish
because that’s what gives life meaning

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