Friday, October 7, 2016

Mac Hacks for the win

By: Shianna Pennington
  Students have gotten MacBooks and there are so many things that can be done on your MacBook that students may or may not know, so here are a few tricks.
·      Screenshots, like for your smartphone, are an option for the MacBook. There are two ways to take screenshots on your Mac but the easiest way to take screenshot is to hold the command, shift, then the number three key at the same time. The screenshot will then pop up on your desktop.
·      Copy and pasting is the oldest trick in the book. Most know the right click trick for copying and pasting but there’s an even simpler way. To copy, highlight the text you wish to copy, and hit the buttons command and letter C. And to paste, you just click where you want the text to be, and press buttons command and V. This is helpful when trying to move a paper from Word to another document, like Google Docs, or when taking a quote or something from an online source.
·      Another hack is how to split your Mac screen. On the top border of an open window, you have a red, yellow and green button. In order to split the screen, you click and hold the green button, and then choose what other window you wish to split the screen with. To close the split screen, you just click the green button again. You may need to do this when writing a paper and are getting information from site online, that way you can see the information and type at the same time.
·     So MacBook’s, like many smartphones, have an emoji keyboard. But do you know how to access that keyboard on any screen? To open the emoji keyboard on any screen, hold the command, control and space buttons at the same time. And if you like you to use the same emoji multiple times, the easiest way to do that is to copy and paste. See the above hack on the quickest and easiest way to copy and paste.

·      There are two quick ways to see all of your open windows. You can press the control and up arrow buttons at the same time, or you can just swipe up with four fingers on the track pad. Both are quick and efficient, and both have the same outcome.

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