Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mac-pack Issue

By: Ashtun Welling

   Many students carry two backpacks because most of their school equipment won’t fit inside the school assigned backpacks. Perhaps some of these students should make a locker trip at lunch, to lighten the load, but even after that, some students still find an issue with the capacity of their backpack. Superintendent Blaine Hess chose these bags because of the cheaper rate of buying in bulk. Hess liked the idea of having Jackson County Schools on the bag for identification purposes outside of school. Also, the extra padding in the back of the bag brings administrators comfort knowing that the Mac pack is safe in the bag.
   We as students had very little say in choosing our school bag. All black with a chance of getting a gray or teal inside. It’s pretty depressing that all the bags look exactly the same. We can understand the bulk rate is a better way to save money for other school fundings but couldn’t have there been other color choices.? For example, all freshman have green backpacks, that way it's just not the black sea of bags. Personally, I feel we should be able to carry our own backpacks as long as they have the needed padding for the Macbooks and if they get approved by the school.
     “I just wish more students had a say in the choice of choosing their backpack. They are the ones that carry them on their backs all school year,” said Hosaflook
   When I went to interview Hosaflook he showed me a bag he personally wanted us to carry. It’s the Swiss backpack, which had, even more, padding and significantly more space than our school backpacks. These backpacks were even the same price as the ones we carry now.  


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