Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Soccer teams take on MSACs

By: Kindra Sarver
   Both teams begin the road to states after finishing MSAC tournament. The girls’ soccer team finished 4th in our conference out of 12. Playing Spring Valley earlier in the season, they won 3-1. When facing them again, the result came down to penalty kicks due to a tie. Both teams got three out of five in the first round, which led to a second. The Lady Vikes just were just shy of beating Spring Valley, but were unsuccessful.
  Sophomore Mackenzie Gillispie said, “We have progressed tremendously throughout this season as a unit, and that has helped us gain victories. We will all just have to continue playing together as a team and stay focused.”
  The boys are back to their competitive selves after bouncing back from a time of struggles.
  Junior Samuel Pierson said, “We had a bad streak for a week or so, and we just got back into it and we are doing a lot better now than we were at some points of the season. It’s just gone up and down.”
  The boys played Hurricane for MSACs and lost 3-1, which was a shocking upset because they had beat Hurricane in a preseason scrimmage. Their ranking for the conference is yet to be announced due to other teams still competing for their placement.
  Now the teams are prepping for the journey to states. Both are just focusing on working together as a team to overcome the obstacles they will face in the upcoming tournament.

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