Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Viking Maintenance" gets to work around school

By: Shianna Pennington
  Shop teacher Dave Moore has started a simulated business with his “Viking Maintenance” students from 2nd period. He was required to do this because it was part of a curriculum for his classes. He has ten students who participate in the business which they have called “Viking Maintenance”. The students who are involved must have taken all of the Millwork and Cabinet Making classes. Mr. Moore offered it to the students who qualified for the class; and they were given the option on whether they wished to participate or not.
The class is set up like a business office, with a secretary who fills out work orders and other office paperwork, and their “workers” who go out and actually do the work. The work order forms consist of which students were assigned to the job, the job description, the time they have to complete the job, the estimated cost of the project which includes the daily rate per man who is working on the project, and the teacher who requested the job. The students aren’t actually paid, but they get a daily grade which could be considered as their payment.
  “It is a fun class because you actually to get out of the classroom and participate in things that are hands on,” senior Stetson Crowder said, who is working on the cabinets for the counselors.
 The projects the students do can vary in size. They have made flag stands for teachers who don’t have one in their room. They have even drilled a hole in counselor Shelly Cox’s desk for her chords to run up through. The maintenance crew for the county usually does tasks like that, but they do maintenance for the entire county so it could take a long time for them to get here and actually do it. So, having these students doing this helps make those simple tasks get done faster.
  They are currently working on building cabinets for the counselor’s office, per request of Mrs. Easter and Mrs. Holly.
     “It is teaching me how to work with people. It is also teaching me what it is like to work in a business atmosphere,” said senior Isaac Sergeant.
  “It is a slow class because there isn’t always something for me to do, but I enjoy it,” senior Amber Bumpus, the business’ secretary said.

They have a couple projects for the future planned ahead. They plan to remodel a bathroom in the Annex, per request of principal Will Hosaflook. They will do anything that the teachers may request, so keep an eye out for new things popping up around the school and give props to those who are helping out!

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