Wednesday, January 4, 2017

5 hacks for Macbook users

By: Katie Bailey
  Are you tired of forgetting buttons and switches on your Mac? Students and staff both have tried adapting to full-time technology, but find themselves in a knot when it comes to simpler tricks like customizing your desktop, finding hidden features, and finding shortcuts. To help with these
1. Changing folder color
  These features will make your desktop fit your personality better and help organize your classes. Changing the folder color can be done with just a few steps.
Changing color of folder
  1. Go online and find a picture or color.
  2. Copy that picture.
  3. Right click on the folder you want to change.
  4. Click “get info”
  5. Click on the little icon of the folder in the left corner.
  6. Click the edit tab on the top of your screen.
  7. Select paste.
  8. Warning: It might not reset right away.

Changing color of the background on the folder
  1. Open that folder and click on the little cog at the top of the folder.
  2. Select “show view options”
  3. At the bottom of that there is a that header that says background. You can insert a picture or click on the color tab and change your color.

2. Pulling up the emoji keyboard
  Emojis are a fun way to personalize reminders, notes, or contacts on your Macbook. The problem is they are hidden from the user until you use this simple trick.
  1. Select the cursor on where you would like to place the emoji.
  2. Hold in Control and Command keys.
  3. Hit the spacebar.
  4. Scroll and select emoji desired.

3. Pop up Dictionary
  Have you read through a document your teacher has assigned and come across a word you did not know? Instead of searching Google or finding a dictionary website, three buttons can fix your problem relatively fast.
  1. Warning: Must be connected to the internet.
  2. Highlight or hover cursor over word of uncertainty.
  3. Hold in Control and Command keys.
  4. Select the D key.
4. Hide the Dock
  The dock is of good use if you want to add a file or folder. However, sometimes the dock can get in the way of application or Word documents you may pull up. With this trick, cleaning up the desktop by removing the dock is simple.
  1. Hold in the option and command button together.
  2. Select the D key for Dock.
  3. The dock will disappear.
  4. Repeat steps one and two to bring the dock back.

5. Jump to open programs
  Splitting the screen and switching between two documents or apps can be a hassle at times. To make the frustration go away, this hack will leave you smiling.

  1. Hold in command key (do not let go)
  2. To choose which program you would like to open hit tab until it is selected with a grey box.
  3. Let go of command key.
  4. Program selected will open.

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