Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Anti-gravity phone hits shelves

By: Katie Bailey
  It can be difficult leaning your phone against walls while taking a video or sticking your phone on a complicated device used to stretch your phone in the air for a picture of a group. The GOATcase (Greatest of All Time case) has selfie users attracted to the “nano-suction technology” designed to let their phone stick on any smooth surface and ease them of these pains. This nano-suction technology is a fancy term for tiny suction cups that are so small you can’t see them.
  The case was originally designed for taking selfies because it would be much easier for group photos or full body shots. However, it can also be used for watching videos, Skype calls, recording gym exercise techniques, watching a tutorial while applying makeup, and anything else to let your hands be free.
  “I would cluelessly wander around in awe sticking it to everything I pass for weeks,” said Senior Lindsey Jeffery. “More than anything,  I would use it to record myself riding my horses when no one is around to tell me how they look or to tell me what I may need to change.”
  The makers claim that the case will stick to any smooth surface such as wood, glass, a whiteboard, metal, mirrors, or a computer screen. The 3 New Jerseyan designers suggest that the surface would be clean and smooth before you stick the case to it. If the surface of the case gets dirty, the quality of the suction can be “reset” by washing with water.
  The design of the case is made out of a soft material, and the designers warn not to damage it. One way to damage it is to press the case too hard against a surface, causing it to be hard to remove.
  The GOATcase is available to purchase directly from their website for $24.95. The cases are made for IPhone, IPad, and Samsung Galaxy devices. You can find this at https://www.goatcase.com.

  Other than the anti-gravity GOATcase, the website also has a variety of unique products that include, razor-thin, nearly non-existent cases, selfie cases, charging cases, and more.

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