Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Archery leaders take aim

By: Calista Boggess
  Archery is an awesome sport that wins awards for Ripley High all the time. Here are some top shooters that have lead the team in victories.
  Top shooters of this group who have been in archery for all four years and are seniors this year are Logan Williams, Corey Walters, Jeffrey Shapard, and Emily Evans.
  Evans began shooting freshman year because her friends and sister were playing so she thought it’d be fun.    
  “It’s nice to just be able to hang around people who enjoy doing the same thing as you,” said Evans.
  Evans has shot at Nationals twice and States once. In archery, the scoring is a point system to 300, 300 being the highest score. Evans usually scores in the 270s.
  Shepard began playing in middle school. He placed 5th at the State tournament, and usually scores in the high 270s. A lot of practice is what gets archers like Shepard really good.
  Williams began in middle school as well. He began because he enjoys shooting his bow. He shoots outside of archery for fun; that extra practice is how he got so good. He has won several trophies and medals, and usually scores a 280.
  “I like being on the team because it’s fun to have people there for you,” says Williams.
  Walters started archery in 6th grade because he grew up bow hunting with his dad. He usually scores 280 out of the 300. Walters has achieved four first place state titles. In the 2016 season he was able to score 8th place overall male shooter in the state of WV.
  Freshman archer, Anne Blizzard says, “Seeing how good the upperclassmen are, makes you want to be like that.”
  Practices for archery begins in January, and starts with a couple practices a week just to get into the swing of things until it ends up as practices five days a week after school. This is so students on the team can have as much practice as possible.

  Archery is a sport at this school that is very successful, winning states every year. A goal many on the team have for this year is to win states and nationals. This year Nationals are at Louisville, Kentucky.

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