Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Basketball Prepares for Season

By: Seth Gainey
  As the boys’ basketball team prepares for the season, they are taking a new approach with their game plan.
  “We’ve been working on our ball handling, and shooting more threes since we won’t be able to rebound against other teams like we used to without Chase and Luke, “sophomore Nick Hicks said.
  Since Chase Johnson and Luke Layhew left, two spots opened up which will most likely by Nathan Hall and Ty Johnson.
  They have plenty of time to practices since their first game is December 8.
  “The game is going to be more exciting to watch since we’re going to have a faster pace than last year,” said Senior Jamison Hunt.
  The team’s goal is to make the playoffs, and they have been working hard to reach that goal.
  “It all starts in the weight room; we have to get faster and stronger before the season starts. We’ve all been working hard to make the playoffs,” Hicks stated.
  Some players have been stepping up during the offseason too.
  “Eli Casto and Cyrus Casto have stepped up. Eli is becoming a more complete shooter, and Cyrus is a smart player who can pass the ball really well,” said Hunt.
The first home game will be December 20th against Woodrow Wilson. Then on January 5 the team will verse Capital at home. On January 27th the team will go against George Washington at home.

The girls’ basketball team has started to prepare for their season.  With payers like Lexi Miller who led the girls in three pointers last year returning, the team looks pretty good. And they have pretty high goals for this season.
“My personal goal is to be the best player I can be, I’ll do anything to help the team win, “Miller said.
The girls team also has great goals set for them as well.
“As a team we just need to win as much games as possible,” Miller stated.
The girls have a pretty big competition when they play Morgantown. The girls have also changed up a few things from last year.
“We are going to press this year, so I think that will work pretty good, “Sophomore Jayden Simon said.
Their game plan to give full effort and to play hard hasn’t changed from last year. They worked on some different things in practice and in the offseason.
“Well we worked on passing and shooting better than we did last year.” Sophomore Jaylen Hunt stated.

 Their work will pay off on their first home game on January 4th. So come out and support the girls’ basketball team!

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