Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boys’ Basketball working towards playoffs

By: Seth Gainey

  As the season progresses, the boys’ record is 5-7. The team has only played 12 games, and have 11 games to go, so it’s hard to tell if the team will make the playoffs or not.
  “The team’s not bad: it’s just different. We have different players than we have had in the past,” Senior Jamison Hunt said.
  Hunt is one of the leaders on the basketball team. In his four years of high school, he has scored a thousand points and counting. He has the potential to score more than Chase Johnson after he hit the thousand point mark               
  There’s a lot of basketball still to be played this season. It’s too early this season to tell if they will be a playoff team or not.
  “I'm not excited for any game in particular. I just look forward to doing what I can to make the team better, whether that be playing in a Freshman or jv game, cheering on the varsity players, or going full speed in practice. I just want to make the team better, it doesn't matter how I do it,” Freshman Jacob Fouty stated.
  The Vikings played Riverside on January 13. The score was 60-53, with our team coming out on top. The Vikings have some “special” players on their roster.
  “Corbin Campbell is a very special player; he can get rebounds. The only problem with him is he has to get motivated to play. If he goes full speed all the time instead of only when he wants to, he’d be getting more minutes in the game,” Coach John Kennedy stated.
  The team lost to GW, 72-59 on January 17th
  The Vikings lost to South Charleston, with the final score being 111-87 on January 19th
  “I think we lost because we weren’t mentally prepared. We had a lost before that. We did not give full effort the whole game either. Some of us were slacking, and making bad choices when we passed the ball or tried to take a shot. We are prepared for next game. We fixed our problems at practice.” Senior Hunt said.
  The Vikings next game is January 24 at Parkersburg.
  “I’m preparing for this game just like I would any other game. Rather it be getting rebounds, scoring points, or getting assists. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get a win,” Freshman Ty Johnson stated.
  The Vikings next home game is January 28 against Capitol.

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