Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Choir Concert
By: Brooke Nichols
  December 13 from 7:30pm- 10:00pm in the auditorium, the choir will be having their annual christmas concert. There is no fee to get into the concert but at the front door when you receive your program you can give a donation to the choir.
  Senior Kaitlin Taylor in concert choir said,“When we have concerts it lets us show how hard we work and all the time we put into what we love to do.”
  Ripley High has three choirs that will be singing: Ladies, Concert, and the Chamber choir. They will be singing the Star Spangled Banner to start off then their own individual songs. It will be song at the beginning of the concert with all 3 choirs and it is not very challenging for the choir unless they are new to it. Then they will come together on the stage to sing more songs. Finally, they will all stand close and finish with the school alma mater.
  Senior BreAnna Moore in concert choir said,“When we all come together and sing as one it makes every single one of us more powerful than when we sing alone, shows us how to work together also.”
 Senior Emma Corey in the concert choir said,“Being in the choir and having the the concerts are an amazing way to show Jackson County what RHS is made of.”
  The choirs robes have been sent off, cleaned, and are ready to wear for this concert. Christmas pieces have been put into an arrangements the only non-Christmas pieces are the Star Spangled Banner and the school alma-mater.
  Choir teacher Ms.Hancock said,“I’m very proud of how hard and how well my student have prepared and practiced for this concert, I couldn't be anymore prouder than I am right now with all 3 choirs.”
  If you haven't experienced what this choir can do then you should come over and see the show that they put on.

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