Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Finals Are Here  
By: Brooke Nichols

  That time of year in school that every student doesn’t like is coming. It’s finals time. This year, finals have changed a little bit on when we take them. The faculty/ school board have set the finals so that we will take them before Christmas break instead of after.
  Principal Mr. Hosaflook  said, “It done before Christmas break so that classes are finished before extended break. Also, the spring semester is shorter due to smarter balance testing and the other spring events.   
  Finals days are Friday December 16 first, sixth, and eighth period Monday December 19 third, fifth, and seventh period and Tuesday December 20 second, and 4th with ½ reward day, activities, drawing, and a assembly. Then Wednesday December 21 is ugly sweater day, college kids come in, and also volleyball in the afternoon and Thursday December 22 will be a makeup day for students who missed a final day.
  Students might not like to take finals but they are given to us for a reason to help see what all we did not understand and what we need to improve on. And what the teacher has taught us to see if we understood and can pass or if we need to retake the semester.
  When taking the finals the best thing to do is do the study guides that the teachers provide for us and then study for that test as much as you can. If not then there's a chance that you fail that class and students that are seniors this year don’t recommend it  because it’s hard to get caught up. Just put in the work now it will pay off.

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