Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mariah Carey's Failed NYE Performance

By: Kindra Sarver
  Every year when the clock hits midnight on December 31, the world’s eyes are drawn to the ball drop in Times Square. Whether they are there in person or watching it live on television, New York City grabs the attention of over one billion people.
  Before the ball dropped to bring in this new year, DNCE, Thomas Rhett, Gloria Estefan, and Mariah Carey performed. The performance did not go the way Carey had anticipated. Carey claims her technical producers are the ones to blame. She states that she was given a faulty earpiece and that the producers just wanted to take this opportunity to humiliate her. Her manager later says, “The producers wanted a viral moment.” The technical producers claim they would never try to embarrass an artist like that, but they have yet to persuade Carey of that.  
  The disaster consisted of Carey walking awkwardly back and forth to waste time.  Carey said things such as, “Let the crowd sing,” and, “That was amazing,” in a sarcastic tone. In the background her dancers continued. On the track that played you could hear the whistle tones that they had click tracked so she could lip sync them. The performance was cut short for obvious reasons.
  The real question is can we trust that Carey is telling the truth about the technical producers? This is not the first time Carey has had an incident of this sort. How can we forget the 2014 Rockefeller Center performance? There she ended up having to sing live, due to her being unable to get there in time to pre-record, and butchered the song. She may have used that as a learning experience and that is why she did not attempt to sing at all for the New York audience.
  Carey states in an interview that she will be taking a break and use that time to focus on her loved ones and herself. The break will not be a long one considering she announced she will be going on tour with Lionel Ritchie beginning in March of this year.

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